50th anniversary of our School!

That’s how it started…

Władysław Broniewski Primary School no. 20 was established in Tuwim estate between 1965-1967 and its inauguration took place on 4th September 1967.

About ten years later, on 25th April 1979, the institution was gifted with its own banner founded by „Jedność” Ironworks in Siemianowice Śląskie.

The headmistresses and headmasters of the School were as follows:  Irena Zajdowicz (1967 – 1974), Tadeusz Sikora (1974 – 1978) Paweł Szydło (1978 – 1989),  Anna Wojtasik (1989 – 2004), Ewa Gawenda – Sulima (2004 – 2010).

Since 2010 the position of the School headmaster has been held by  Michał Płonka.


Our history

Since the very beginning our School did not only fulfilled function of the high level educational facility, yet also it took care of comprehensive development of its students by organising extra-curriculum activities. I.a the sports club, touristic club, artistic club and scout team were brought into being. The institution was also engaged in cultural town life.

The 1999/2000 School year was the extraordinary one in the whole history of our institution. It was the year when the Primary School no. 20 with Inclusive Classes, in which healthy children and children with educational dysfunctions could study together, started operating. Moreover, in September 2005, the Inclusive Secondary School no. 8 was set up, which enabled older students to continue their educational path in the same system.


Our experience

Through all these years our School has opted for very high standard for teaching and engagement in cultural life of our town. We take part in various projects and programmes aimed at equalizing opportunities for all students. We also organize fairs and festivals and gained profit is used to fulfil needs of the School and the students’ society.

We have got 16 years of experience in organizing inclusive classes. Our students are characterised by common tolerance and empathy. Any class is conducted by two teachers (a main teacher and an oligophrenopedagouge). The classes comprise of a small number of students, up to 20 children, that is why educational process is effective and conditions are comfortable.

The building of the facility is fully adapted to needs of disabled students (elevator, ramps) and is situated in a suitable communication point (tramway, bus), what is more, disabled students are taken to School by special buses.

For a few years the disabled persons’ society- LODOŁAMACZ- has been operating.

In the last year the number of our graduates amounted to nearly 25 000 students.


The School today

In this School year we have got 15 classes in the primary School and 6 in the secondary School. Our staff comprises of 69 highly educated teachers prepared to work with students at various educational levels.

The School continuously develops and modernizes. We use modern technologies to make educational process more attractive.

Despite of passing time and “golden age” of our institution, the School has not lost any of its value.

Years of experience and tradition of our facility combined together allow us to do our best, so our students can feel well and safe within the school walls, and educational process is at the possibly highest level.

Our motto for the following 50 years of our School is: